Backflow prevention

MP&G can provide the right backflow prevention service for industries such as: manufacturing, schools, pharmaceuticals and hospitals. We pride ourselves on stringent testing methods to protect the health of the community.

The potable (drinking) water supply is one of our most precious resources and needs to be protected.

As supply systems become more complex, such as rain water harvesting, the application of grey water systems and water supply for Industry, there is ample chance for contaminants or pollutants to enter the potable water supply through cross connections at point of use.

What is Backflow prevention?

Backflow prevention devices are designed to protect the potable water supply so that if a cross connection exists and a backflow incidence does occur any contamination is prevented. Backflow prevention devices are installed across a wide range of industries and classes, from Domestic use (low hazard) to industrial use (high Hazard).

It is a requirement that Backflow prevention devices are tested annually to ensure correct operation and functionality.

Our Process.

Melbourne Plumbing & Gas can provide the right backflow prevention system for the right industry across the board. We pride ourselves on stringent testing methods and installation processes to protect the potable water supply and the health of consumers.

Melbourne Plumbing & Gas work with Melbourne water, Southeast water, Yarra Valley Water & City West Water to ensure ease of convenience to all clientele by taking care of all documentation, liaising with your local water authority and scheduling your annual inspection test.

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