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When you contact the team at Melbourne Plumbing & Gas, you can ensure that our staff will conduct the required roof repairs and reports on all roof types and materials, ensuring all safety requirements are met.

Conducting roof rectification works involves high risk work, witch usually involves working at heights above 2 meters. Carrying out work safely requires time and dedication. Depending on your site’s risk assessment, the following controls may be in place.

Use of elevated wok platform, fall arrest systems, fall restraint systems, perimeter scaffolding and comprehensive site audits.

Our Process.

At MP&G we offer a rapid response roof repair service, providing comprehensive reports and accurate solutions to effectively eradicate causes of water ingress.

Melbourne Plumbing and Gas have the highest regard for safety and take the time to conduct and review extensive safety procedures.

Melbourne Plumbing & Gas are licensed to perform high risk works from elevated working platforms such as scissor lifts and boom lifts, to ensure access to almost any roof in a timely and safe manor.


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