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Melbourne Plumbing & Gas can assist with all cold & hot water repairs by using the latest in pipe repair technology to ensure a quick, easy & stress free process.

Burst water pipes can cause significant damage to both your property and home contents, not to mention extremely costly if the leak is undetectable. When dealing with a burst pipe, many factors must be considered such as location, pipe material and depth of cover.

Our process when dealing with a burst or ruptured pipe.

If the ruptured or burst pipe is visible and accessible, Melbourne Plumbing & Gas can provide a hot water repairs service for all pipe materials such as copper, galvanized iron and all plastic pipe materials.

Sometimes leaks and ruptured pipes aren’t always in a location that is easily accessible and sometimes they are undetectable.

Melbourne Plumbing & Gas have the technology, skills and experience to locate, expose and repair all ruptured pipework.

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