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At Melbourne Plumbing & Gas we pride ourselves on delivering a prompt and professional service through a deep understanding of the commercial sector.

We understand that each commercial client may have specific plumbing needs and requirements, that’s why at Melbourne Plumbing & Gas we tailor a plumbing solution that suits specific industry requirements.

Commercial Hot Water Systems

Many commercial industries rely heavily on hot water demands such as the hospitality industry, health industry and other professional industries. It is very important to select the right hot water system to produce reliable, instant and abundant hot water to suit individual hot water demands. Combining efficiency and flexibility is key.

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Backflow Prevention

The potable (drinking) water supply is one of our most precious resources and needs to be protected.

As supply systems become more complex, such as rain water harvesting, the application of grey water systems and water supply for industry, there is ample chance for contaminants or pollutants to enter the potable water supply through cross connections at point of use.

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Roof repairs and Reports

When you contact the team at Melbourne Plumbing & Gas, you can ensure that our staff will conduct the required roof repairs and reports on all roof types and materials, ensuring all safety requirements are met.

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Programmed Preventative Maintenance

Melbourne Plumbing & Gas offers a comprehensive, programmed maintenance service, specially tailored to suit each individual client to ensure they are never faced with an emergency plumbing disaster.

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Sanitary Fixture Installation & Repairs.

With a vast range of different brands and styles, Melbourne Plumbing & Gas provide a comprehensive maintenance and installation service to all sanitary fixtures, within the commercial sector.

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Thermostatic Valve Installation & Service

Thermostatic mixing valves are a safety requirement for most commercial industries. Melbourne Plumbing & Gas ensure the safety of consumers by stringent servicing standards and installation procedures.

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