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Environmental Solutions

Environmental Plumbing Solutions

Melbourne Plumbing & Gas offer a wide range of water saving solutions for sustainable homes.

As the planet is evolving and the demand to reduce water and energy consumption increases, Melbourne Plumbing & Gas can design and install the right sustainable plumbing system to suit all customer requirements and budgets.

Environmentally friendly plumbing solutions consist of the installation of rainwater harvesting systems like rainwater tanks, grey water systems & solar hot water systems. From the average family home, over 15% of water consumption usage is from flushing the toilet. A great way to save on water consumption in that area would be to install a rain water tank/pump system, connecting to one or more toilets. This process will not only save you money, but will also save on water consumption and the environment.

What is sustainable plumbing?

Environmentally sustainable plumbing refers to the conservation of water and energy through the application of specially designed appliances and fixtures for optimal efficiency. These fixtures may include rain water tanks, grey water systems, solar hot water systems, water recycling and water saving devices.

We can help you save money

MP&G can specifically tailor an environmentally friendly plumbing solution for individual client needs, both within the domestic and commercial sector. With access to the latest information and products on the market, Melbourne Plumbing & Gas has the right solution for you. We also take care of individual and small business rebates, offered by the Victorian Government as an incentive to use such products.